The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step — Chinese proverb

And here starts mine…


After a while hesitating about starting my own blog, I decided to take that step and here I am!

Today’s post will be about Bee Desings’s Maya Bay gacha set!!




 {Frist photo}

{Maya Bay}

• Lounge: Maya Bay gacha 1 RARE by Bee designs
• Coffee table: Maya Bay gacha 4 by Bee Designs
• Rug: Maya Bay gacha 8 by Bee designs

{Second photo}

{Maya Bay 2}

• Sofa: Maya Bay 2 Gacha 5 RARE by Bee Designs
• Chairs: Maya Bay 2 Gacha 3 and Maya Bay 2 Gacha 1 by Bee Designs
• Coffee table: Maya Bay 2 Gacha 2 by Bee Designs
• Side table: Maya Bay gacha 6 by Bee Designs
• Lounge: Maya Bay gacha 7 RARE by Bee Designs
• Rugs: Maya Bay 2 Gacha 6 and Maya Bay 2 Gacha 7 by Bee Designs

Full set here:

maya gacha set bee desings

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