I think she took my soul…

… but I didn’t know that gypsy woman’s got me under control — Anarbor



{Gypsy Caravan Gacha}@Shiny Shabby

• Sofa: Gypsy caravan Gacha 6 RARE by Bee Designs
• Square Puff: Gypsy caravan Gacha 10 and Gypsy caravan Gacha 5 by Bee Designs
• Tapestries: Gypsy caravan Gacha 3 and 8 by Bee Designs
• Moon Frame: Gypsy caravan Gacha 4 by Bee Designs
• Rug: Gypsy caravan Gacha 7 by Bee Designs
• Table + Chairs: Gypsy caravan Gacha 11, 9 and 1 by Bee Designs
• Caravan: Gypsy caravan Gacha 2 RARE by Bee Designs



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