And truth be told I miss you…

And truth be told I’m lying — TAAR


• Chair: Sea Breeze Gacha 3 RARE by Bee Designs
• Side table: Sea Breeze Gacha 7 by Bee Designs
• Home sweet home sign: Sea Breeze Gacha 4 by Bee Designs
• Anchor hook: Sea Breeze Gacha 1 by Bee Designs
• Rug: Sea Breeze Gacha 6 by Bee Designs
• Beach sign decor: Sea Breeze Gacha 8 by Bee Designs
• Frames: Sea Breeze Gacha 10, 2 and 9by Bee Designs
• Pillows: part of Sea Breeze Gacha 5 by Bee Designs
• Beach gazebo: Coastal Gazebo 8 by Bee Designs

• Dress: Bailey dress by MOoh! (June group gift, dont miss it!)

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