Girls like you…

‘Cause girls like you
Run around with guys like me
‘Til sundown, when I come through
I need a girl like you, yeah yeah



• Raft + poses: All part of ‘Castaway’ set by Le Poppycock @The Liaison Collaborative
• Sign + chairs + floatie + drink : part of Pool Decor gacha set by Bee Designs @ The Liaison Collaborative

Outfits: you can find them all @The Liaison Collaborative
(From left to right)

• Red and blue top and skirt: Aimee by  Faida
• Lavander alter top + purple pants: Tropical gacha 08 and 17 by  Loki
• Orange top and pants + black with stripes top and pants: Board + Davis by  Neve
• Dark green dress: Kai dress by  Lakshmi
• Strapless dress: Amina dress by  Zk
• Red and black bikini: Dual tankini top and panties by  Vinyl
• White bikini: Champagne top and bottoms by  Canimal

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