What if I told you a story…

All about someone who loves you… And what if I told you that someone was me



• Outfit (top + skirt + arms ribbons) Vasilisa by [Aleutia] @Enchantment
• Water Lily floral headpiece by *NAMINOKE* @Enchantment
• Sakurako Heels by [BREATHE] @Enchantment
• Evangeline firefly ring by Dahlia @Enchantment

• Hanging fireflies jar + butter dish + honey jar + steaming beignets + storage table + sugar sifter by Dahlia @Enchantment
• Green round pouf + canopy rock + frogs family plushies by Bee Designs @Enchantment
• Floating Lily flower by .: Runic :. @Enchantment
• Curtains by -Nomi- @Enchantment
• Water algae + white lily by PukeRainbows @Enchantment
• Frog Lovers + frog thinker + kiss me frog by {Your Dreams} @Enchantment
• Enchanted Fountain by Also known as @Enchantment
I also did the photo for this product’s ad:

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