There’s this tune I found that makes me think of you…

Do I wanna know if this feelin’ flows both ways? – AM



• Ilona yellow top and Tammy washed shorts  by MOoh!  @White nights
• Brianna red top and Nynfa jeans by Candy Doll @PocketShop
• Dart Boho and Dart Gems nails by Cazimi @Redeux

• Beach hut, beach chair, sand castle, beach towels and windbreaker with lights by MOoh! @TWE12VE August
• Boat, rug, starfish and shells, beach bag and beach sign part of “A day at the beach” gacha set by Bee Designs @Cosmo
• Fish adirondack chair and table by Simply Shelby @Redeux
• Poses by me using Animare

NOTE: Thank you so much Cutie, Kermie, Magz and Nevi for your help!! ♥

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