She fed me lies, yeah, she casts her spells

She took me to my knees and now she’s got me praying



• Conjure set (triangle shelf, candles, herbs and energy balls) by Dahlia @Builder’s Box
• Candles, Tarot cards and crystal ball (part of Esther’s set) by Granola. @Builder’s Box
• Darkmore daybed, table, floor lamps, books, tarot cards and spirit board by Raindale @Builder’s Box
• Lamae black vanity and stool by Refuge @Builder’s Box
• Anabelle’s chair, cabinet and paintings by Merak @Builder’s Box

• Wiccan Wall art dark lunar by  Adorably strange wares @Blueprint
• Autumn feel rug by  .Florix. @Blueprint
• Spellcraft cauldron by Chiana Oh @Blueprint
• Autumn Attic by Nacht @Blueprint

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