It’s just me, and I’ll find a way to make it

Here I go, can we take it from the top?



• Sung Hair by Opale.
• Mihoko heels by [Breathe]@FaMESHed
• Pose: Cocoa dream 1 by  Gingerfish@The Liaison Collaborative

• Olwen Blankets, popcorn, laptop and movies by MudHoney@Builder’s Box
• Folded blankets and wall decor by Dahlia@Builder’s Box
• Bjorn Comfy Chair and floor lamp by New Church@Builder’s Box
• Candles by .Birch@The Liaison Collaborative
• Aish Fireplace, mirror and tool by MADRAS@Builder’s Box
• Location: Mountain Lodge Skybox by [FOURTH WALL]@Builder’s Box
• Cozy Corner – garland set by Second Spaces@Collabor88
• Lovington chandelier by Raindale
• Holiday Nutcracker – Trumpet by What Next

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