Your own photo?

Hello there!! If you are reading this, then chances are that you are interested in my work. Let me tell you that I truly feel honored. I always appreciate all the support and love I get from people.

After some consideration, I have decided that I am opening my services as a SL photographer 🙂


• • I will always get back to you with a yes or no. So if you do not receive a response the day after you contacted me, it is highly probable that I did not receive your message, so please try again.

• Please have a look at my Flickr page, making sure my skills & style will match with what you have in mind for your photo. This is REALLY important and will save us both a lot of time. You can ALWAYS IM me, asking if I can do this or that, and of course I will try my best.

• We will schedule a date/time for your photo(s). I would greatly appreciate it, that if before that time, we could discuss your expectations and finalize a general look for your photo(s). If you prefer that I have artistic freedom in the set design & look, I am okay with that too. I must warn you though, that if you do not like the final result(s) after giving me freedom on my work, I will not redo the photo(s). It is very important to take the time to think about this. Again, an honest talk, should clear up any of your doubts and is the best way to work with me 🙂

• If you want to use a specific outfit, I kindly ask you to prepare it before the session. I might ask you to remove or add some parts, as well as alpha out some sections of your body. So work with me and please have your head/body HUDs localized.

• If it will be a group photo, please coordinate with all the people involved to make it on time. If someone is not on location on time, I cant guarantee you that we will have time to wait for the entire group. If you know before the session that someone is not able to make it, IM me and we can talk about it. There are always options 🙂

• Before I start with the editing process, I will show you a preview (without editing) of the photo, so you can be sure you like it so far. This is your moment to speak up and tell me if you do not like something about the photo (no re shoots will be made after this point if you didn’t say anything)


• Payment is expected to be done before the editing starts. Like I said, I will show you a raw shot and (since you have already checked out my Flickr page) you have a clear idea of how my work looks like. The final product will be delivered within 5 days (no weekends included)


• SINGLE: 1000L$
• COUPLES: 1500L$

If you want to add more people we can talk about it (extra charges will apply)


• Poses are important, so think about that. Extra charges may occur if you want a pose that I do not have.

• Despite seeing myself as a very open minded person, there are some things I am not willing to photograph, such as: pornography, explicit/untasteful nudity, kids in adult situations, gore, violence (cuttings, dismemberments, etc), things I consider cruel. I’m absolutely fine with boudoir or tasteful nudity, even erotic BDSM, but that’s the limit. Let’s keep things nice.

• I do not do Morphs photos.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me inworld (itsemico resident)

Thank you, Emi